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Triballink is a cross curriculum and Indigenous experience where ever you are. Though our mobile classes, online Cultural Learning Portal & our awesome "Triballink Activity Centre at QCCC Mapleton. Come and experience, Indigenous concepts, stories & more!

Kerry Neill


Kerry Neill is a descendant of the Kabi Kabi, Waka Waka, South Sea Islander peoples and has strong cultural and family ties with the sunshine coast and surrounding areas. He is the Director of Triballink PTY, the home of the Goombuckar Indigenous Cultural bus and Triballink Activity Centre.

Kerry has worked within community services, health, training and education, creating and delivering Indigenous education experiences and lessons in line with the National Curriculum, Cross cultural training recognised and accredited by the Royal Australian Collage of General Practice and Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Affairs.

Kerry loves Indigenous dancing and playing the didgeridoo touring all over Australia and the USA.  

Kerry also recognises and pays his respects to all First Nations people, our elders both past and present.

Elih Williams

Cultural Facilitator and Dancer

Elih is a proud Aboriginal man descendent from the Bundjalung and Gumbaynggir people. Elih as been working with Triballink facilitating cultural learning in the mobile classrooms and the Triballink Activity Centre. 

he loves learning new things and is passionate about passing on cultural knowledge. 

Jawan -Earnest Williams

Cultural Facilitator and Sunrise Dancer

Jawan is a proud Aboriginal man descendent from the Bundjalung and Gumbaynggir people. Jawan has been working with Triballink facilitating cultural learning at the Triballink Activity Centre.  His is an awesome dancer and loves sharing culture.

Jawan is also currently studding for a degree in Anthropology at the Sunshine Coast University


Michael Ward

Cultural Facilitator

Michael is a Noongar man from WA, but living here on the Sunshine Coast. Michael has a deep knowledge of the history's of fist contact with First Nations and the first Fleet.

Working in the mobile classes, Triballink Activity Centre and the Farm he loves sharing culture and stories. 

Dr Hope OChin

Artist-Cultural Advice-Cultural Program Development

I am a Kabi-Kabi [also known as Gubbi-Gubbi], Wakka-Wakka, Koa. educator and artist, who has worked in education from the 1980’s and as a professional artist from 1993. I have developed and presented artworks through my studio art practice for forty-two exhibitions across local, national and international venues and forums. Born into the dormitory systems on the Aboriginal Settlement of Cherbourg, my dedication to education and art, and all of its forms, evolved out of the intensities of attitudes and values that prevailed in the historic treatment of Cherbourg residents, and other Indigenous Australians. During my career as a senior executive in Queensland education, I have been responsible for curriculum, staffing and resourcing to 250 state schools in the Peninsular region, and was a consultant to the Director-general, Education Queensland, and Minister for Education. 

Jessica Foulds

Artist and Illustrator

Jess is an awesome Artist/Illustrator. she loves to work in and around nature, and her art showcases this love. Jessica has Illustrated comic books and now works with Triballink Designing all kinds of thins and our range of Children books. Jess family is part of the Stolen Generation and she acknowledges all First Nations People, Country and Elders.



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