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Before we share, we would like to acknowledge the Elders, both past and present, on the land which we or our products are working.


Our mission is to provide Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander educational activities, resources and education whilst bridging the gap and building community capacity. This is facilitated through our Triballink Mobile Classrooms, Activity Centre and Online Portal.


Triballink is a 100% Aboriginal owned company.  As such, we aim to deliver high quality and authentic Indigenous Educational activities, aids, resources and services whilst keeping true to our cultural values. We believe:-

  • in our company's future and the future of the communities in which we work.
  • in supporting our communities with finance/donations or in-kind support.
  • that all cultures have something to offer our society.


To create awareness of the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander cultures, in an inclusive manner, in all communities. In doing so we create fun-filled and relevant education/cultural activities, aids, resources and services.

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