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Our Mobile learning packages are designed to deliver First Nations Cultural Education to you and your students anywhere any time.

Bringing stories, culture, songs and music, dance and lessons, we will transport you to another world where learning is an experience that you can touch, taste, feel, hear and see.

Our unique learning experience is designed to be interactive and convenient.  This is includes the:

  • Triballink Indigenous mobile classroom
  • face to face cultural awareness training from the comfort of your work space or home
  • the Triballink online learning portal that can be done anytime & anywhere

Triballink Mobile Classroom

How we do it: 

Our facilitator/s will come to your school and run a variety of activities with the students that engage with First Nation People Culture. 

Format for the day/s: 

Lesson 1: Inside the Mobile Classroom – approx. 40 Minutes- The children participate in an exciting lesson which includes Storytelling, Cultural Experience, Artefact talks and interactive maps and special places. (max 35 Primary student at a time) 

Lesson 2: Outside of the Mobile Classroom - approx. 40 Minutes - The children then enjoy a session outside of the classroom participating in traditional Aboriginal artwork and experiencing ochre face painting and/or playing traditional games. (max 35  students at a time) 

Parking the Mobile Classroom - Trailer

To enable the experience, we need to ensure that there is the space and facilities to be able to accommodate the bus. If there is not space for the bus, there are other packages that we can look at to provide the access for the children.  To park one of our buses there needs to be enough space of 9-meters in length. Flat ground is preferable.  Access to power is needed for the activities outside of the bus. It would be idea to have an undercover area close by to undertake the art activities so as to give the participants protection from the sun and wet weather option


Cost: $11.50 per student (min of 100 students)

Includes: 1 Triballink  Instructor lead activity  (8:45am – 2:50pm) and all supplies Included 

It is advised the students bring their own art smocks if art is chosen


Cost: $16.50 per student (min of 100 students) 

Includes: 2 Triballink instructor lead activities (845am- 250pm)

Travel Fee: Starts from $300.00 + gst (if outside 100km of Mapleton) + $100.00 + gst (per 100km kilometre thereafter).

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