First Nations Mobile Classroom

We have a modem and up-to-date purpose built mobile classroom. It is an interactive area of living history and storytelling.  

Our mobile classroom is a purpose-built enclosed trailer, measuring 9m x 2.4m. Its design is unique with tiered seating, 2 large television screens and awesome design concepts inside.

Within the mobile class, the students will be taken into the world where our people have been living for generations. Each student will participate in an authentic experience.

Students will enjoy stepping aboard and through their experience, they will learn about local First  Nations places, people and culture. With our cultural facilitators guiding them on this journey, the students (and teachers) will leave with a renewed sense of belonging to an ancient continent and an appreciation for First Nations stories, culture and concepts, from not only the Kabi Kabi people, but many First Nations Groups across Australia. 

Students will explore and make ancient artefacts, design and create and experience art techniques from long ago, from making models of stone axes to creating canoes, hanging paintings and message sticks. All the natural materials are sourced from the local area and items are created using sustainable techniques handed down by generations of people.

Teachers are encouraged to work with our team before we come, to refine the curriculum-based activities through experiancial learning. looking for, to activate your teaching. We design the educational experiences to link in with the school course work, enhancing the classroom learning experiences. Thus, this experience is for students from prep to year 12.

Our mobile classrooms are comfortable & convenient.  They are particularly good for smaller groups and also Early Learning Centres.  We send our facilitators, with their gear to you. 

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