- How To Make Cultural Items -

Everything here you have permission to teach or to make your self!

Returning "Roomerang"

These "Roomerangs" that are made from card really fly and come back. 

the lesson is great for

  • Flight and shapes
  • Rainy day cool art activity (With Symbols) 
  • Creative stories 

Use the Symbol poster in posters to help with you lesson 

Dance Stick or  Dance Wand

Dance sticks or wands can be use as decoration but are best used in dancing and performances. they are not the easiest cultural item to make for younger students but easy for year 1 and up. 

Learn lesson to run class or break the lesson up to make as part of a weekly program. Include the Wand in your in your performances and watch the students blossom.

Picki - Pickabeen Baskets or Canoe

Pickabeen Palm is an awesome and easy way to make baskets and model canoes just to name a few things. its a re great material that is easy to use once its wet and when dry will become hard and set.

not only cheep but easy to find. 

Emu Head Band--Simple version-

this is the simplest but long lasting head band i can make, have been making them for years and truth is i still have some that are over 5 years old. 

Don't be fooled by the simplest way of making, these are great and are cheep, but effective. 

Torres Strait Islander 
How to Make Cultural Items

Making Kulap Shakers with Athe (Grandfather) Story Book

Making Kulap Shakers with Athe (Grandfather) Story Book read 

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