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Dreamtime Immersion

Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in an authentic Aboriginal cultural experience.

The evening begins at 7pm. Once in the arena, we share knowledge of our fearsome traditional weapons and artefacts and learn the code of the bush where we take only what we need.

The lights go off and we share some of the local Aboriginal stories from right here on the Sunshine Coast. Last but not least, we toast marshmallows on the many campfires and yarn for the rest of the night.


Program includes:

Songs & Stories Evening: Aboriginal Dance & Dinner

This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in an authentic Aboriginal experience.

Begin the evening with exploring our Art Gallery and Artefacts Museum followed by a welcome next to the fires.

Once seated, the tasting plates of local and traditional foods begin.  You will be enthralled by live didgeridoo playing and the first appearance of our dance troupe, the Sunrise Dancers, performing traditional and contemporary pieces.

The main meal of delicious bush tucker is accompanied by an artefact experience and amazing local Dreamtime stories with descriptions of our ways and our people, linking you to the picturesque and unique cultural landscape of the Sunshine Coast.  

Our decadent dessert comes with a final dance performance and photos with the Sunrise Dancers.

We end the night roasting marshmallows over the campfire telling yarns and sharing stories.

Program includes:

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