Touch, feel and Experience Indigenous culture at its best

Day Programs

Schools Program for campers at QCCC

Day programs with our awesome staff, follow the normal camp times so no need to swap and change. All our lessons are authentic and friendly, showcasing and exploring Indigenous culture. We are based on a touch, taste and feel pedagogy so everyone will have a turn and be engaged.

Bush Tucker/environmental immersion:

Using QCCC Mapleton’s exquisite rainforest property, embark on a touch, taste and feel tour of rainforest cuisine. Your guide will show you bush foods, demonstrate and facilitate bush etiquette and survival skills and discuss sustainable relationships with pristine environments.

Before contact, Living, Law and family:

An experiential immersion into Aboriginal home life before colonisation. You will participate in a traditional Jinibara/Kabi Kabi encampment experience, viewing and using traditional tools, weapons and hunting methods. Experience traditional family life and participate in the creation of law in our yarning circle.

Dandali: Freedom Fighter or Bushranger:

First contact.  Learn about local Aboriginal man Dandali and his life from an Aboriginal perspective, then view and compare media coverage of his deeds. Participants will have the opportunity to view evidence from mainstream media and custodians from the local area. Once we have the evidence, lets take this evidence to a “kangaroo court” to decide his fate.


We will explore from an Indigenous perspectives what it was like at time of settlement and what some would of experienced in that time. We will explore thru story’s and media to gain an understanding of the life in community from 1700 to 2014. Each participant will be guided through indigenous perspectives of post-colonial contact and the impact of the Preservation and Protection Act (1939), the Missions and Stolen Generations, 1969 Referendum and ending with Kevin Rudd’s Apology.

Before and after-Environment

Immerse yourself in Aboriginal methods of land and environmental management. While walking thru natural and planted rainforest, explore and understand concepts of caring for country and treading lightly on the environment before exposure to modern farm methods on a working farm to compare and contrast changes within environment and impact on the natural environment.

Art and craft shed:

Discover the ancient symbols and skills of the Jinibara, Kabi Kabi and Waka Waka people. Participants will be able to identify and paint Indigenous symbols while constructing  and decorate a ceremonial canoe, stone axe or bark painting to take home as a permanent memento of their time at Triballink.