Night Programs

Be immersed in the ultimate traditional Indigenous experience on the Sunshine Coast with a Traiballink Night Program, full of dance, stories and great tucka. 

Day Programs

Experience a day of cultural learning and experience with a Triballink Day Program, available for both corporate and education customers.

About the Triballink Activity Centre

Triballink Activity Centre is an educational precinct set aside for experiential Outdoor Education focussed on the cross-curriculum priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture and Environmental Sustainability.  Mapleton sits at the junction of Jinibara Country with neighbouring Kabi Kabi and Waka Waka people, and forms an important function in the ancient Dreaming Stories. 

The Jinibara People have given their full acknowledgement and approval to the Triballink Activities and consent to the participation of Kabi Kabi and Waka Waka people.   An internship pathway has been created to train and equip Jinibara and other Aboriginal youth to participate in the Centre’s activities.  For maximum authenticity Triballink Activities are facilitated by Aboriginal people. 

Based on the 55-acre, 300-bed QCCC Mapleton property, Triballink Activities are available to resident schools, and where available for day-visits.

For thousands of years Aboriginal people from many miles around came to the Blackall Range during the bumper fruiting seasons of the Bunya tree for a time of feasting, story-telling and conflict resolution. Baroon Pocket was a place of plenty and the Jinibara people welcomed people from near and far to share in their good fortune. As Determined Native Title Claimants for the Blackall Range the Jinibara People Aboriginal Corporation extend their welcome to the rainforest playground of QCCC Mapleton to all people.